Academic Advising in LSGI

Academic Advising System

LSGI students of 4-year curriculum programmes will be assigned to one academic advisor throughout their whole period of study in LSGI. The Board Discipline students will be assigned an Academic Advisor once they have confirmed their major of study in LSGI.

Within the first week from the start of the first semester, a meeting for all students will be held to introduce AAs and to brief students of academic advising; Each student is expected to have an individual face-to-face meeting with his/her academic advisor at the beginning of each academic year to discuss his/her study plan. Additional individual or small-group meetings with his/her academic advisor can be made if necessary. Students may also consult their academic advisors via emails and/or other means whenever necessary.

Each student advisee will fill out a log report and return the report to the AA after each face-to-face or small group meeting. The AA is required to endorse the log report and send it to the Undergraduate Secretary for record (and follow-up actions if necessary).

Undergraduate Secretary of LSGI will also provide you with the updated information regarding policies, regulations and procedures on your academic study.






Last updated: 24 August 2012